The White Pants I Found While Spring Cleaning And How I Styled Them

Have you started spring cleaning? 

Spring cleaning is always a chore I procrastinate on until I really want spend the day in my bedroom. Honestly, I don’t look forward to cleaning out my closet and questioning  if I should keep this top or toss that. Yes, I’m what you’ll call a “fashion hoarder.” I sometimes have three sweaters in different colors and the same style. But, can you blame me? I like to have options! So when spring was coming around the corner and I started seeing all the cute outfits in stores, I knew I had to get something out of the way first  before my shopping spree. That meant, diving head first into my closet and tossing out old clothes to  make room for new items. 

One night as I was cleaning out my closet I came across these white  Calvin Klein  pants with black piping along the sides and the tag still intact. I was wondering where they came from because I didn’t remember buying them. Then I realized, my mom bought them almost 2 years ago and I just never wore them. The pants were  buried under a few other pieces  in my closet. I almost tossed them in the giveaway pile because I’ve never worn them and it’s been sitting in my closet for  2 years so I figured I wouldn’t wear them any time soon. However, something told me to try them on and once I did I decided that I wasn't ready to let them go just yet. 

A few weeks ago before an  HBO Latino event, I was looking through my closet and the first thing I picked out were my white Calvin Klein pants. I wanted a look with some edge so  I styled them with a black faux leather  Silence + Noise  top with a mesh open back and my sky high  Topshop  shoes. As for my accessories, just gold jewelry. The necklace I have on in the photo is from  Forever 21  and my “Yay” box clutch is from  Aldo. My makeup was done by one of my best friends, Chanel Jameson. If you're based in Georgia, contact her for all your events! 

Keep scrolling for a few of my spring cleaning tips! 

Here are a few of my spring cleaning tips that helped me when I was cleaning out my closet: 

  1. Have boxes or garbage bags handy. Label them so you know where each item is going, whether it's giveaway, donating, or being sold online. This way you're organized and it makes cleaning up so much easier because nothing is scattered around. 

  2. When sorting through clothes, ask yourself this question,  “Do I love it and do I see myself wearing this again?”  This helped me part with some of my most loved items. Also I even tried on a lot of my clothes again to see if it fit right or if it’s still my style. Do whatever works for you to help you decide. 

  3. Color coordinate!  You will thank me. My closet isn’t huge and it’s definitely not a walk-in but when I color coordinate my pants, tops, and shirts it actually helps me put together an outfit. I suggest organizing it in categories and colors. For example, work clothes, summer dresses, evening wear, etc… Once you have that done you can color coordinate by section. 

What do you think about the look? Do you have  some spring cleaning tips? Tell me in the comments!