How I Styled My New Favorite Dress Three Ways

The best way to get the most out of your wardrobe is to invest in pieces that you can style a number of ways.

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I’ll be honest, sometimes I tend to buy trendy items that I wear once and then I never wear it again. My mother will be the first one to mention that one item I have hanging in my closet with the tag on that I still haven’t worn. Yes, I have a few items that I’ve kept in my closet for years. I’m just saving a few for when I go to Abu Dhabi or Paris – Sex and The City style.  A girl can dream right? One day…

With that said, I decided to wear this Reiss fit and flare dress during New York Fashion Week. As I was backstage at one of the shows I had my friend take a few photos of me on the rooftop. After my mini photoshoot, I said “this is going to become a staple piece in my wardrobe.” That night I looked through my closet and came up with a few different ways I could wear the dress. Below are three options that I liked the most but of course there are so many more ways to style it. Also check out the links below on where to buy the items. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Outfit 1: For my first look, I kept it simple since it was a warm day and I was running around NYC for fashion week. This is a dress you can wear year-round, day or night and the blue sandals give it a nice pop of color. Plus, the dress even has pockets! Now, who doesn’t love a fashionable and functional dress?

Outfit 2: The Fall 2015 runways were full of dresses layered over a turtleneck. Some of my favorites being, H&MTanya Taylor and Mara Hoffman. Here, I layered a black long sleeve turtleneck with black tights and ankle booties. This outfit can work for a day out with friends, whether it’s in the Fall or Winter. A turtleneck is so versatile that you can wear it with pretty much anything, a jumpsuit or a cutout dress.

Outfit 3: A flirty dress instantly stands out with a leather jacket draped over your shoulders. It amps up the cool factor and with the tote it just screams cool and confident. The Céline tote was my statement piece for the look and I loved how well it looked with the heels. This is perfect for cocktails after work and even a day at the office.

So which look do you like best? Tell me in the comments!